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If you're looking for a stylish and safe vehicle that can hold up to the harsh conditions of a Minneapolis winter, a used Volvo model is the perfect choice. Not only are Volvos luxurious enough to make your daily drives enjoyable, but their pedigree as capable winter vehicles is undeniable. Just visit Borton Volvo Cars to find a great used Volvo model today!

Why Buy a Used Volvo?

When you visit our dealership and see the wide variety of both new and used Volvo models for sale, you might wonder why picking up a used vehicle is such a good choice. Beyond the simple up-front cost savings of a used Volvo model, you'll also enjoy some long-term benefits when it comes to both financing and trading your vehicle.

For starters, a used Volvo model is going to have much less depreciation than a brand new model would. That is because the depreciation of a new Volvo model immediately reduces the value by changing the status from new to "pre-owned", even if that first owner only drove a few miles. As the second owner, your depreciation will be much less steep, meaning you'll be able to extract a higher percentage of your purchase price out of the vehicle when its time to sell or trade it in.

In addition, you'll pay less for insurance for a used Volvo model versus a brand-new one, putting even more money in your pocket throughout your ownership.

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Our Volvo dealership serves Golden Valley and St. Paul with a variety of used Volvo models so you can always find the perfect fit at a great price. We're just a short drive away from Minnetonka and Eden Prairie as well, so be sure to pay us a visit and see all of the great used Volvo deals we have available!